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Summer Fresh® launches its annual Holiday recipe booklet

TORONTO, Nov. 20, 2023 /CNW/ – The holiday season is a time for celebration. Summer Fresh® Salads Inc is delighted to announce the launch of “APPYs 2023,” a culinary recipe booklet designed to enhance your festive gatherings with simple and easy recipes.

Discover the joy of festive holiday favorites made effortlessly with Summer Fresh® products: Summer Fresh® is your go-to for bringing a celebration to your table. As the holiday season approaches, we are excited to introduce our latest culinary creation – a digital booklet filled with 17 delicious recipes.

The mission is simple: help you elevate your gatherings without stretching your budget by creating your own APPYNESS!

“These recipes were created by top culinary chefs to provide Summer Fresh® fans with the best culinary experience possible,” says Susan NiczowskiPresident & CEO of Summer Fresh® Salads.

One of the stars of “APPYs 2023” is the mouthwatering Spinach Snowflake. This delightful creation features the Summer Fresh® Spinach Dip, a true crowd-pleaser. This is just one example of the delicious recipes you’ll find in the APPYs booklet.

Summer Fresh® has added a new shining addition