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‘No choice’: Shop defends food court sign in Melbourne

Aussies may be familiar with paying public holiday surcharges at cafes and other food places, but where do they stand when it comes to weekend surcharges?

A photo of a sign displaying a 10 per cent surcharge on Saturday and Sunday at Korean hot dog shop Chunky Town in QV Melbourne has kicked off a debate about when it is acceptable to add surcharges.

The customer who shared the picture on a Melbourne subreddit said they were from Sydney and found it “mind boggling” a shopping center food court had a weekend surcharge.

“A lot of places don’t even have Sunday surcharges let alone a Saturday surcharge,” they wrote.

Critics were quick to call the move “bloody outrageous” and claim they avoided dining at establishments with surcharges.

However, Chunky Town told the surcharges were essential for keeping its doors open and still “doesn’t even nearly cover the penalty rates on weekends”.

Chunky Town marketing director Adam Ong said the surcharges were introduced two years ago.

“With rising costs and the higher award wages on weekends and public holidays our business definitely has to increase its prices somehow in order to survive,” he said.

“We were tossed up whether we

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Minnesota penalizes county jail for depriving inmate of food and water for more than 2 days

The Minnesota Department of Corrections has penalized a county jail for depriving an inmate of food and water for more than two days as punishment after he smeared feces in his cell and refused to clean it up.

The department ordered the Otter Tail County Jail in Fergus Falls to transfer all current inmates to new facilities by the close of business Thursday. The prison will be allowed to keep new inmates no more than 72 hours, excluding holidays and weekends, until the state agency approves.

According to the department inspector general’s order, on Saturday, Feb. 10 the inmate threw feces on the inside of his cell door and smeared it on his cell window, and underneath his cell door into the prison’s dayroom area. Jail staff told him they weren’t going to feed him until he cleaned it up, but he refused.

Not only did jail employees withhold six straight meals from the inmate, the report said, he told an inspector that he was forced to drink toilet water and his own urine because the water to his cells was shut off. Jail staff saw him “ingesting his own feces” on the second day, a Sunday, according to the

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Teamwork the key ingredient | The Star

Chefs’ personal recipes bring heritage to the fore in KL

A SPREAD of family favorites to enjoy from starter to dessert.

This aptly describes the iftar buffet spread at Serena Brasserie, InterContinental Kuala Lumpur.

Teamwork was the key ingredient behind creating this spread, said sous chef Nazatul Nadzirah Jamaludin.

“The theme for this year’s buffet is the ‘Gift of Heritage’ because all the dishes here are family recipes shared by our kitchen team.

“At the planning stage, we started coming up with dishes that would appeal to our appetites.

“What we realized was that, no matter how far we may have advanced, our palates will yearn for traditional flavors such as sea snails in coconut turmeric or beef dendeng,” she said.

Juicy chicken shawarma among the plethora of traditional and well-loved dishes at Serena Brasserie.Juicy chicken shawarma among the plethora of traditional and well-loved dishes at Serena Brasserie.

This year, Nazatul Nadzirah shares her family’s recipe for the whole barbecued beef shank, an impressive 18kg hunk of local beef hind, marinated overnight with 10 different herbs and spices then slow-roasted for eight hours.

The buffet starts at the entrance of the restaurant with three black cast iron woks, each with a different type of rendang.

The first is beef rendang tok with its