TFRecipeSummer Fresh® launches its annual Holiday recipe booklet
TFRecipeSummer Fresh® launches its annual Holiday recipe booklet

Summer Fresh® launches its annual Holiday recipe booklet

TORONTO, Nov. 20, 2023 /CNW/ – The holiday season is a time for celebration. Summer Fresh® Salads Inc is delighted to announce the launch of “APPYs 2023,” a culinary recipe booklet designed to enhance your festive gatherings with simple and easy recipes.

Discover the joy of festive holiday favorites made effortlessly with Summer Fresh® products: Summer Fresh® is your go-to for bringing a celebration to your table. As the holiday season approaches, we are excited to introduce our latest culinary creation – a digital booklet filled with 17 delicious recipes.

The mission is simple: help you elevate your gatherings without stretching your budget by creating your own APPYNESS!

“These recipes were created by top culinary chefs to provide Summer Fresh® fans with the best culinary experience possible,” says Susan NiczowskiPresident & CEO of Summer Fresh® Salads.

One of the stars of “APPYs 2023” is the mouthwatering Spinach Snowflake. This delightful creation features the Summer Fresh® Spinach Dip, a true crowd-pleaser. This is just one example of the delicious recipes you’ll find in the APPYs booklet.

Summer Fresh® has added a new shining addition to the recipe booklet this year. “Holiday Brunch“, this curated section combines the very best of both breakfast and lunch, offering a tantalizing array of savory and sweet options to delight every palate.

Download YourInspiration

Ready to elevate your holiday gatherings? It’s as simple as downloading the APPYs booklet from the Summer Fresh® website. The 17 selectable recipes are all you need to create unforgettable moments, one dish at a time.

Summer Fresh® Salads, a leading provider of fresh and flavourful food products, enriching both everyday meals and special occasions. With a commitment to quality and taste, Summer Fresh® continuously strives to bring the best in culinary innovation to customers.

And don’t forget that it’s time to CREATE YOUR OWN APPYNESS

Ready to get cooking?

Summer Fresh’s ® in demand Hummus and Dips can be found in the refrigerated deli section at select retailers across Canada.

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