TFTag: what are basic cooking skills?
TFTag: what are basic cooking skills?

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Families face-off for Indigenous cooking competition

Calgary Community

Celebrate Indigenous recipes in this friendly chef competition between Indigenous families to showcase their best traditional and cultural food.

A unique food competition between Indigenous families to showcase their best traditional and cultural food.
A unique food competition between Indigenous families to showcase their best traditional and cultural food. (Urban Society of Aboriginal Youth)

Join a cultural food adventure with four families competing to be the best Indigenous cooks in Calgary. It’s all part of the Urban Society of Aboriginal Youth’s New Tribe: Roots to Recipes Cook-off.

On Saturday, March 2, Indigenous chefs will put their culinary skills to the test as they go head-to-head in a show down to showcase their family’s take on traditional cuisine. Come learn about the cultural significance of Indigenous ingredients during this free live in-person event at the Blue Flame Kitchen Cafe.

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The Family Team

Competing in this special cook-off are four families from Southern Alberta hoping to win the coveted title of Roots to Recipes champion.

Fox Family:

Fry/Kimber Family:

Baker/Morin Family:

USAY celebrates its 2023 Indigenous Changemakers

The Urban Society of Aboriginal Youth (USAY) inducted 10 people from the Indigenous community into their Changemakers ranks


B’s Busy Bakers cooks up something special in Troy

It’s a hands-on lesson in learning for Troy Middle School students.

Every other Friday, you’ll find Kellee Bonenfant’s special needs class rolling their B’s Busy Bakers’ carts through Troy Middle School’s hallways, selling homemade baked goods, coffee and hot cocoa to teachers and staff.

The business puts lessons from their life skills class into real-life practice.

“Our program is called life skills. So we’re teaching our kids life skills, and what it’s going to be like to live on your own, what supplies you have in your kitchen, if you’re hungry and want to make something,” said Bonenfant.

The coffee cart started this year, each student choosing their role in the business.

They learn how to properly measure ingredients, make baked goods, label treat bags. The students prepare carts on Thursdays. Then they hit the hallways, hanging up homemade signs, and setting up a makeshift cash register.

“I’ve definitely seen their confidence grow. So I know that they’re going to be successful out there. I know that they’re going to be able to make change for a dollar or 5,” Bonenfant said.

The class donates its earnings to the Troy community, and to help pay for class field trips.



How to choose the best salt for cooking, according to chefs

“Salt is easily the most important thing chefs keep in the kitchen,” says Robert Hartman, chef de cuisine at Saint Theo’s restaurant in New York City. It helps bring out the natural flavors in food, and was once considered incredibly valuable thousands of years ago. In fact, salt was so treasured that Roman soldiers were often paid in it — the term “salary” is derived from this very practice, says Hartman.

There are many types of salt on the market, and each offers a unique composition, flavor profile and texture that will indicate when and how to use it best, though ultimately, your taste buds are the final decision maker, experts told us. We spoke to chefs to learn more about how to cook and bake with different types of salt, as well as how to identify your favorites and where to buy them.

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What is salt?

Salt is a crystallized condiment composed of sodium and chloride minerals. It’s a naturally occurring substance that’s either mined