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How comedian Katherine Ryan recovered from her son saying her cooking ‘tastes like dirt’

Katherine Ryan knows all too well how savage kids can be, particularly after her toddler said her food tastes like “dirt”.

“He said, mummy’s cooking is disgusting. Her cooking tasted like dirt was a real blow,” the Canadian comedian recounts of her toddler, Fred.

Ryan has three children – Violet, 14, from a previous relationship, Fred, two, and Fenna, 15 months, with her childhood sweetheart and partner Bobby Kootstra.

Fred is her most difficult child to wrangle at dinnertime, and she’s gone to desperate lengths just to get him to try her food.

“I’ve made a deal with him – I’ve said you can taste it and if you want to spit it out, you’re allowed and you won’t be in trouble. Just put it in your mouth and taste it and see if you like it. Then he’ll be like, OK, and he’ll allow himself to take a bite. And even if he spits it out, everyone in the kitchen goes, ‘Really well done, Fred. Wow! Great. Did you see how Fred tried that? That was really cool’.

“So basically, I’m raising a toxic male and rewarding him for absolutely nothing,” Ryan jokes.

She adds: “Fred’s taught me a


Israel’s Dori Media Takes ‘Yum Factor’ To Market

EXCLUSIVE: A fresh Israeli cooking format is being taken to market by Losing Alice producer-distributor Dori Media.

Dori is shopping Yum Factor, which is produced by Fremantle-owned Abot Hameiri, at Content Americas.

Yum Factor has so far only aired a pilot and sees three home cook contestants cooking to the best of their abilities to win cash, with the twist being that they need to figure out whose taste buds will crown the ultimate flavor champion out of a jury of six regulars people.

Dori Media has a number of shows in production and on its sales books including the likes of Losing Alicewhich was picked up internationally by Apple TV+, and Amiabased on the 1992 terror attacks on the Israeli embassy.

“We are excited to offer the international television marketplace an innovative new cooking show from Abot Hameiri that truly flips the script on the conventional unscripted series set in the kitchen,” said Dori CEO & President Nadav Palti.

Last Mipcom, Palti was one of a small number of Israeli delegates who traveled to Cannes, and he spoke to Deadline about his desire to stop Hamas from “winning” by carrying on with his “personal, professional and business