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Healthy Food

Now healthy food and exercise may qualify for HSA and FSA funds

You can now use your pretax dollars to pay for certain types of healthy foods, gym memberships and even fitness trackers.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSAs) allow you to set aside money on a pretax basis to pay for “qualified medical expenses,” including medical, dental, prescription and vision bills. But many people don’t realize they may be eligible to spend the funds on a range of other options, including certain meal kits, gym memberships, protein powders, supplements, fitness trackers and even saunas.

The meal kit company Daily Harvest started accepting HSA and FSA funds this year after it partnered with a service called Truemed, which works with eligible businesses and helps customers determine if they are eligible to spend HSA and FSA funds on certain health-related products and services . In addition to Daily Harvest, the company has partnered with a variety of health and fitness companies, including CrossFit, Barry’s, CorePower Yoga, InsideTracker, and Viome, which offers gut microbiome tests and personalized diet plans.

Truemed ​​has so far partnered with only a handful of food retailers, including Sakara, a delivery service for plant-based foods that offers meals such as smoothie bowls, veggie burgers and a “winter