TFFood NewsMinistry disciplines unhygienic restaurants – FBC News
TFFood NewsMinistry disciplines unhygienic restaurants – FBC News
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Ministry disciplines unhygienic restaurants – FBC News

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The Health Ministry has intensified its surveillance and monitoring of food establishments.

Recent inspections conducted by health inspectors in Labasa reveal alarming conditions in two food business operations, prompting immediate action.

Evidence of cockroach infestation, rat droppings, significant grease buildup, improper food storage practices and the use of expired food products highlighted severe breaches of hygiene protocols within these establishments.

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The Health Ministry adds in accordance with the Food Safety Health Act, they have issued closure orders to the offending operators.

This decisive step, according to the Ministry highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of consumers.

The Health Ministry states that within days of the closure orders, the operators demonstrated commendable dedication by swiftly implementing necessary improvements.

It adds that by upholding stringent standards, authorities aim to safeguard public health and instill confidence in consumers regarding the safety of food establishments nationwide.

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