TFFood News10-year-old girl dies after eating her birthday cake: Common foods that can turn toxic
TFFood News10-year-old girl dies after eating her birthday cake: Common foods that can turn toxic
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10-year-old girl dies after eating her birthday cake: Common foods that can turn toxic

Cutting the birthday cake is one of the most memorable activities one can remember. But what if the same cake turns out to be the reason for your demise? Well, this might sound bizarre, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a reality for a 10-year-old girl in Patiala, Punjab, who died of suspected food poisoning on March 25 after eating her birthday cake, and the police filed a First Information Report (FIR) against the bakery that supplied it.
As per sources, Manvi, a Class 5 student, celebrated her birthday on March 24. Her family ordered the cake through an online food delivery application, and they cut the cake around 7 pm, after which she went to sleep. A video of the family celebrating Manvi’s birthday has gone viral after her death.
As per reports, the girl slept well, and then the next morning she asked for water and went back to sleep. Later, she was found unconscious and was taken to a hospital, where she was declared dead. It is also reported that the other five members of the family who ate the cake also fell ill.
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While this case has surely raised concerns over the hygiene and quality of outside food, it is suggested that there are certain outside foods one should avoid and why.
Cakes and Pastries: The worst part with these cakery items is that they don’t come with an expiration date, and you never know how old the base or even the icing is. Hence, it is suggested to avoid such items.

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Cream Roll: This sweet delight also comes with a thick filling of cream, which doesn’t come with any expiration date, and because of the flaky crust, it has a salty aftertaste. And as and when it turns stale, it becomes very tricky to judge if it is still fresh or not.

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Juices: Whether it’s a roadside stall or a kiosk, you cannot trust the hygiene levels of the food processor and blender used for making the juice, and that could be the root cause of juice-borne illness and stomach infections.

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Shakes: Those fancy shakes loaded with whipped cream and frozen toppings are also very susceptible to causing stomach infections and allergies.

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Sandwiches: The creamy cold sandwiches available at food stalls also don’t have an expiration date, which may lead to stomach infections and other types of digestive issues.

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Open food items: Foods like panipuri on the roadside and bhelpuri are often sold in open air and are often prone to food allergies caused by dust and germs, which could be fatal too.

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Pre-cut Salads: Those salads behind the glass bars might look tempting, but the dressings used in those salads don’t come with any expiry and might cause stomach ache and other digestive issues.


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