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Baker Behind Award-Winning Vegan Carrot Cake Shares Her Recipe After 16 Years With VegNews Readers

In 2007, VegNews announced to the world that we had found the best vegan carrot cake. It wasn’t in Los Angeles or New York City—this humble slab of cake and frosting was developed and sold in a new vegan restaurant called Cafe Indigo in Concord, NH. This cake has emerged from the restaurant, expanding into the dessert cases of Whole Foods and other independent retailers nationwide.

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The café and successful wholesale business have both closed in order for founder Patti Dann to focus on cookbook writing, but the recipe lives on. We’ve often wondered how she managed to strike that blissful balance between an indulgently moist crumb and a light but sweet cream cheese frosting, and today, she’s sharing the recipe with VegNews. After 16 years, the secret is out, and we can’t wait to make this crowd-pleasing cake for birthdays, intimate get-togethers, and holiday celebrations. But first, a bit of history about the founding of Cafe Indigo’s iconic vegan carrot cake.

It started with a vegan wedding cake

Dann’s discovery of the ultimate carrot cake began with her three daughters. The Dann family was used to vegetarian cooking, as each daughter omitted meat on their