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Recipe for growth – Brand Wagon News

It wouldn’t be incorrect to argue that in the post-pandemic world, cloud kitchens have lost a bit of their sheen due to the combination of high platform commission and consumers’ growing inclination towards offline dining. That’s one reason these players have focused on strengthening their offline play over the past year or so. Binny Bansal’s Three State Ventures-backed Curefoods, for example, plans to open 50 restaurants this year and take the number of offline outlets to 115. At the moment it is present in 20-plus cities, with 260 cloud kitchens across the north, west , and south of India. Going deeper into the markets of the south and breaking into the markets of the east, adding 5-7 cities to its expansion map is its biggest task at hand.

This is not a business with a low-entry barrier so rapid expansion is easier said than done. Says Ankit Nagori, founder, Curefoods, “As a lot of customers have gone back to eating offline, the growth in cloud kitchens as a long-tail category has gone away. Brands that have an offline presence and have offline ways to reach the customer will survive. It being a capital-intensive business, one needs to be present in