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Healthy food for all | Whidbey News-Times

Healthy food for all

Oak Harbor’s new business, Cosmic Veggies, is a safe haven for people with dietary restrictions.

For many people, dietary restrictions and limited menu options can kill the fun of dining out with friends and family. Often, despite a business’ best efforts to be mindful of their customers’ health, the slightest exposure to food allergies can turn a party into a bowel nightmare.

Oak Harbor resident Jackielynn Larsen wanted people with dietary restrictions like herself to enjoy the experience of eating out with no stress. After working 30 years as an insurance agent, Larsen decided to rebrand himself as a restaurant owner and opened Cosmic Veggies, a safe haven for celiacs, vegans, people who are soy or lactose intolerant and anyone who craves healthy and organic food.

“It’s the only place on the island that has healthy food where they don’t actually have to question what they’re eating,” she said. “It’s so nice to hear people thank me for opening this up here.”

The first Cosmic Veggies was opened in Anacortes by Elizabeth Weaver, who developed the recipes with the help of Kim Blair, a certified nutritionist and raw chef. Larsen, who at the time was Weaver’s