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Healthy Food

Why is healthy food so expensive in America? Blame the Farm Bill that Congress always renews to make burgers cheaper than salad

The 2023 Farm Bill is projected to spend $700 billion over the next five years, with powerful industry lobbyists directing funds to enrich themselves at the expense of agricultural communities, human health, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. It’s far from its original intention: to help struggling farmers and hungry citizens during The Great Depression and Dustbowl. This year, with growing awareness about the myriad harms of our factory farm system, we have a critical opportunity to shift Farm Bill programs to serve our nation and our planet better.

Most Americans have never heard of this massive omnibus bill, which Congress reauthorizes every five or so years, yet it impacts us every day. It shapes our food system–from subsidizing factory farms to funding food and nutrition programs, and that is why burgers are artificially cheap and salads cost more than they should.

How did this happen? Farm Bill has been hijacked, resulting in the demise of family farms, the proliferation of food that makes us sick, and widespread ecological destruction.

After World War II, to meet the needs of a booming US population and a growing export market, the Farm Bill invested heavily in monocrops, including millions of acres of corn