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New KL hotel debuts its Ramadan buffet

HOTEL Royal Signature, the latest addition to Kuala Lumpur’s hospitality scene, is presenting its first iftar buffet themed “Sajian Titian Desa”.

Guests can expect an extensive spread of over 200 meticulously crafted dishes, showcasing an array of traditional Malay and international dishes served at its Asian Pot restaurant.

Highlights include the Western-infused Kambing Golek which blends a traditional favorite with an innovative twist, Kedah specialty Fish Head Curry, Gulai Kawah Tulang Rawan, Asam Pedas Tail Melaka and satay.

Seafood enthusiasts can enjoy a diverse array of options, including seafood on ice, grilled sea bass and Lobster Sambal Petai.

End the meal on a sweet note with ais Kacang, assorted Malay kuih, a selection of traditional Malay desserts and a tempting chocolate fountain.

“Despite the prevalence of modernized Malay dishes, Malaysians will always yearn for the authentic taste of home,” said the hotel’s general manager May Cheong @ Nurul Hidayah.

“Our Ramadan spread features recipes that are steeped in tradition.”

Hotel Royal Signature is also undertaking a corporate social responsibility initiative in line with the spirit of Ramadan.

For every seat sold for the buffet promotion, RM1 will be donated to a charitable organization, Perbangunan Kebajikan and Pendidikan Raudhatul Nurr Jannah.