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Authentic Mexican at Los Homies Taqueria

Mexican food at Los Homies Taqueria
Mexican food at Los Homies Taqueria Expect large portions at Los Homies Taqueria.
Photo by Morgan Banno

Authentic Mexican food is difficult to find in Pinellas. It’s not impossible, but it takes some leg work. Luckily, Los Homies Taqueria on 49th Street North in Pinellas Park has you covered. This unassuming establishment started out as a food truck with a cult-like following and has since grown into a brick-and-mortar restaurant right up the street. If you’re looking for legit molojete and tortas, this is the place. The menu is inspired by the culinary flavors of Mexico’s Victoria City. Like many of our local eats, Los Homies is part of an unassuming strip mall off 49th Street and Park Boulevard. But if you drive past it, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Why You Need to Visit

The Mexican fare at this place is off the charts. We’re talking smashed refried beans, homemade enchilada sauce and scratch-made guacamole in the largest portion I’ve seen. If you’re a die-hard Mexican food fan, you need to visit Los Homies now. The menu is listed in Spanish as well as English (what’s come to be a sign of authentic Mexican in the area) and