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Life-long love of cooking sparks The Crab Hut | News

Qwan Butts says that cooking was always his first love. Growing up, he spent time watching cooking shows but took a different path career-wise. He wound up becoming a welder rather than following his true passion.

His welding job allowed him to travel all over the world while working but it eventually became tiresome. When Butts would come home from work, he cooked for family and friends.

That eventually transitioned to him posting his food on social media and selling plates, which proved to be a hit. He still didn’t make the leap into cooking, opting instead to try out other jobs. Without a lack of passion on his part for those gigs, they eventually failed.

Then he was approached by a friend who was aware of his cooking skills, and he offered him a space to cook. Although he still wasn’t completely confident, he reembraced his first love of cooking full-time. With his life-long passion for cooking, it would be hard for him to fail.

Butts eventually opened The Crab Hut at 2679 N. Columbia St. in Milledgeville. The process was not always easy because he did not come from a business background and had little to no idea