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How to make the perfect Greek stuffed cabbage rolls, or landodolmades – recipe | Greek food and drinks

PLump parcels of rice-stuffed vine leaves might be more familiar to Greece’s millions of summer visitors than these hearty braised cabbage rolls, but, as Athens native Carolina Doriti explains in her book Salt of the Earth, dolmades come in many different guides. In many areas of the country, these landodolmades are traditionally served on Orthodox Christmas Day, the cabbage standing in for the swaddling bands of the infant Christ, and they’re especially popular “on the islands, in northern Greece and the Epirus region”.

That said, they’re not just for Christmas: Rena Salaman recalls neighbors coming round on dark mornings to help her mother and grandmother prepare what she calls “all in all, a winter dish … ideal for England with the abundance of the (notorious) English green cabbage, which at last can serve a more useful purpose than usual!” Although I object to the shade thrown on our brassica cookery, I can’t disagree that this is a wonderful winter dish, whether or not you’re celebrating Orthodox Christmas this weekend.

The cabbage

‘Vivacious’: Mazi restaurant’s stuffed cabbage rolls. Thumbnails: Felicity Cloake.

No swaddling required here – Salaman notes that “even though in Greece the white Dutch cabbage is used, the


Ex-Starbucks employee reveals every drink’s recipe after termination, social media post goes viral

Opting for one of the most lethal ways to take revenge from a beverage firm, a Starbucks employee shared all the recipes of its drinks on social media after getting sacked. The employee posted the photos of all the recipes and confidential information of the beverage ingredients.

The images clicked by the sacked barista are going viral on the social media platform X, formerly Twitter. However, this is not the first time when Starbucks’s recipe for its widely popular drink has been leaked.

The trick to take revenge was also used by other employees of the company after they were fired by the firm. There have been incidents of fired employees leaking Starbucks shakes recipes on TikTok.

The viral thread consists of recipes of nearly 41 Starbucks shakes and coffees. The beverage maker caters to the needs of a large number of consumers from across the world. The Tata subsidiary is known for its hefty prices. The global beverage maker is also known for selling its own cold brews and iced coffees in stores. With the help of these recipes, people can easily make their own Starbucks coffees at their home.

The long thread contains the recipes of all the