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TFTag: healthy foods to eat everyday

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Healthy Food

Healthy foods are often more expensive. Here’s why

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Eating a healthier — or at least a more balanced diet — is not always as easy as it sounds, with food prices leading to large disparities between rich and poor communities in many countries.

One piece of British research in 2023, the Broken Plate report by The Food Foundation released in June, found that healthy food is usually twice as expensive as less healthy food, on a per calorie basis.

Campaigners say high prices have reduced many households’ ability to buy healthy or healthier food, pushing consumers toward less healthy, ultra-processed options.

With this cost divide, it’s worth focusing on nutrient-rich fresh fruit and vegetables, in particular — which are key to any balanced diet.

Fruits and vegetables

Countries in the developed world are increasingly dependent on international imports as more consumers demand year-round access to tropical or out of season fruit and vegetables. This has led to a longer and more complicated global supply chain.

The US is one of the biggest importers of fresh fruit and vegetables in the world, and it’s a big exporter too. But while US production by volume has remained stable over the years, its imports

Healthy Food

Healthify now powered by gen AI, partners with Swiggy to promote healthy food habits | Technology News

Healthify, previously known as Healthify Me, a health and wellness company on Tuesday announced a major update to the platform during the 9th Ignite conference in Bengaluru. The platform is now supercharged by generative AI capabilities. The company also revealed its new partnership with food delivery app Swiggy, allowing users to order food and groceries based on diet recommendations.

Alongside the new AI features, the updated Healthify app appears more streamlined, featuring new icons and an intuitive user experience that consolidates all AI-powered insights in one place. Currently boasting over 40 million users and nearly 2,50,000 paid subscribers, the platform has seen significant growth.

The revamped Healthify app introduces Ria 2.0, a multimodal, multilingual conversational AI coach powered by generative AI which can respond to texts and also understand voice commands. Healthify utilizes various large language models from companies such as OpenAI, Meta, AWS, and Google to fuel Ria 2.0. This updated version offers personalized health coaching based on relevant data such as calorie intake, activity level, sugar level, and more. This includes suggests diets based on location, calorie requirements, and more.

Healthify Snap Healthify Snap food recognition capability (Image credit: Vivek Umashankar/The Indian Express)

Snap, a nutrition tracking feature that can