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Batavia woman on Food Network’s Christmas Cookie Challenge

Batavia resident Priscilla Sarmiento-Gupana, who is currently practicing pediatric medicine in Aurora, has found a way to relieve stress and unleash her artistic side by producing fabulously decorated cookies that have gotten her some national attention.

Not only has she wowed neighbors and friends with her creations, thanks to social media posts she found her way to the Food Network’s “Christmas Cookie Challenge” TV show back in 2021 and will be back on the show again at 8 pm Thursday in an episode featuring her and four other contestants.

Sarmiento-Gupana, 41, said she began developing a passion for baking as a child.

“As a youngster, I started making things from boxes as most people start with. My first thing made from scratch was chocolate chip cookies. “I later progressed to sugar cookies and other things as an adult,” she said.

“I’ve always enjoyed art,” she said. “I have a lot of artists in my family. I’d say it’s in my blood. I realized that I was pretty good at making things look beautiful – not just delicious – and I continued to build my skill sets over time. When I started doing this, there weren’t a lot of YouTube tutorials

Food Networks

TV critic, VH1 and Food Network host was 70

Bobby Rivers, an actor, television host and radio personality, has died at the age of 70.

WISN 12 in Milwaukee, where Rivers became the city’s first Black film critic on television, announced his death in a story updated Wednesday.

He served as a VJ on VH1 in 1985 alongside Rosie O’Donnell and hosted his own celebrity talk show on the network, “Watch Bobby Rivers,” starting in 1988. He also hosted Food Network’s short-lived “Top 5” series in the early 2000s.

As an actor, Rivers played a news reporter on Seasons 1 and 3 of “The Sopranos” and as Chris Perley in Season 1 of “The Equalizer” TV series. He also played an emcee in the 1989 comedy “Identity Crisis.”

His most recent acting credit was in 2008 and 2009, in two episodes of the satirical sketch comedy series “The Onion.”

Rivers studied film journalism and communications at Marquette University in Milwaukee, according to the news station.

He also contributed to “PM Magazine,” a nationally syndicated news and entertainment TV series broadcast in the late 1970s through the 1980s. According to WISN, Rivers said the show “helped Milwaukee go beyond stereotypes.”

Bobby Rivers, a TV critic, Food Network host, VH1 VJ and actor, has died.  The media pioneer was 70.

Tributes from the film and television industry have poured in,

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Guy Fieri to feature 3 Memphis restaurants on Food Network in February

Three Memphis restaurants will be featured on Food Network in February.

Guy Fieri will feature Las Torjaga Deli Mexicana and StickEm on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” It was his first visit to both restaurants.

Alcenia’s will appear on an episode of “Triple D Nation.” It’s the second time Fieri has visited this Southern soul food eatery.

Here’s what to expect and when to tune in.

Alcenia’s: ‘From Steak to Seafood’

Fieri will feature Alcenia’s, 317 N. Main St., in an episode of “Triple D Nation” set to air Feb. 9.

The “From Steak to Seafood” episode is described as: “On this trip, Guy Fieri’s having a turf-and-surf soiree! First, a Brazilian-American fusion place in Orlando, Fla., is serving traditional shrimp stew and savory steak. Then, a soul-food spot in Memphis, Tenn., is dishing out a fierce fried sandwich, and a waterfront joint in Tiverton, R.I., is bringing some killer flavor to next-level seafood platters and chowders.”

BJ Chester-Tamayo, chef/owner of Alcenia's in Memphis, is shown in the kitchen during an episode of "Triple D Nation."

Alcenia’s owner BJ Chester-Tamayo runs her Pinch District soul food restaurant with lots of love, and it shows in both her hospitality and food. She’ll be the first to tell you, “You may walk in a stranger, but you leave as family.” Chester-Tamayo makes