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New research investigates the impact of food safety on college students’ health, stress and well-being – News

UAB researchers say this study underscores the significance of addressing food insecurity among college students, not only for its direct impact on BMI but also for its indirect effects on diet habits and psychological well-being.

Food InsecurityA new study from University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers highlights the impact of food safety on college students’ health and well-being.

In the study, published in the journal Public Health, researchers investigated the connection between food insecurity, body mass index, diet habits, stress and psychological well-being among college students. The study aimed to shed light on how these factors interact and potentially affect the overall health of students.

Lead author Yenni Cedillo, assistant professor in the UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences, says college students require access to healthy food to avoid additional stressors that affect their well-being and their food choices.

“Understanding and mitigating the adverse consequences of food insecurity in the college environment is essential to supporting the overall health and well-being of students,” Cedillo said.

The study utilized data from the American College Health Association National College Health Assessment III (fall 2020), encompassing 1,439 college students. Food safety was evaluated using the USDA Six-Item Short Form, while PWB was assessed using

Healthy Food

Healthy food is increasingly out of reach for Island’s poorest

Report highlights high cost of housing and food; lower-income people are forced to make difficult choices

Healthy food is becoming increasingly out of reach for low-income families on Vancouver Island, a new report says.

Grocery costs for a family of four on a nutritious diet cost $1,366 on average per month in the Island Health region, a BC Center for Disease Control report says.

Those in the North Island health region, which includes the Sunshine Coast, were found to pay $1,370 on average, while families in Central Vancouver Island and South Vancouver Island paid an average of $1,343 and $1,386 respectively during a survey in May and June 2022.

These prices are among the highest in BC, with only two other health-authority regions with higher costs: the Northshore-Coast Garibaldi region and the Northwest region.

Having access to healthy, nutritious food is important and has a direct impact on health and well-being, said Charmaine Enns, medical health officer for Island Health.

“These are not inconsistent findings,” Enns said. “This means that one in seven households in BC are experiencing food insecurity, and that one in six children in BC live in a household with food insecurity.”

Food insecurity for children could