TFRecipe5-minute crispy feta egg breakfast taco recipe
TFRecipe5-minute crispy feta egg breakfast taco recipe

5-minute crispy feta egg breakfast taco recipe

A fried egg is already a simple and delicious breakfast, but food social media loves to riff on the classics, like the viral pesto eggs, and a new iteration that creates a crispy, lacy cheese crust.

Food writer and recipe developer Grace Elkus shared her simple breakfast idea that’s heating up on TikTok and Instagram.

While she said the dish “barely needs a recipe” she shared the full instructions with “Good Morning America” ​​below.

Elkus said he pulled inspiration from “I Dream of Dinner” cookbook author Ali Slagle’s potato, egg and cheese tacos.

5-Minute Feta Fried Eggs

Feta cheese
Tortillas, hash browns or toast
Avocado, optional


Heat a small nonstick skillet over medium heat. Crumble in feta (~1.5 ounces or 1/3 cup) around the perimeter.

Immediately crack an egg into the center and season with black pepper and red pepper flakes (no need to add salt, the feta is plenty salty).

Cover pan and cook, reducing heat if necessary, until white is set, yolk is still runny, and cheese is unbelievably crispy.

Serve on toast, with hash browns, or my personal favorite: in a charred tortilla with avocado and lime.

Cook’s note:

This works with practically any hard cheese, think Parmesan frico, and probably other crumbly ones, too.

You can oil the skillet, especially if you’re not using nonstick, but I find the cheese gets crispier without.

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